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The Diary of an Angsty Actor


I am an actor, and this is my diary–an angsty, raw stream-of-consciousness of my inner monologue.

While I'm pouring my soul out let me say keeping my thoughts to myself is life. I learn from listening to people, and asking them questions.

But none of that means anything now, because here I am, broadcasting my thoughts on the internet. So here it is: my inner monologue's coming out party.

If you asked me what I hate most about blogging, I'd say having my thoughts in writing. [Some] People grow and learn and change constantly. Writing my thoughts down seems permanent. Too permanent. (Shoutout to all my people with commitment issues ;)

So join me as I paint a picture of what my messy, ever evolving, rarely glamorous life as an actor looks like (or doesn't 95% of the time).


P.S. I'm gonna get personal, so if you know me, you're screwed. Just wanted to get that in writing.

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